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Knock-Out Cup Competition

There are twenty teams in the knock-out competition this season which means we will have a prelimnary round of four matches involving eight teams with the remaining twelve teams receiving a bye into Round One.  The draw for the preliminary round will be made soon and will be published here.  The first twelve teams drawn will receive a bye into Round One and the remaining eight teams drawn to produce four head-to-head fixtures.  The four winning teams from these fixtures will join the other twelve teams in Round One.  The draw numbers have been randomly assigned to each team in the league as shown in the list below and your team will retain this number throughout the competition.

Important Dates:
Preliminary Round1729/11-05/12
Draw for 1st Round1914/12/11
First Round2020/12-26/12
Draw for 1/4 Finals2525/01/12
Quarter Finals2814/02-20/02
Draw for Semi-Finals3215/03/12

TeamManagerCup Number
Dogma UtdMick Payne1
Wormhill WizzardsEthan Bagshawe2
Pennine CountyDamian Stone3
Moffo AllstarsDave Moffat4
Kidney PondJoe Oldfield5
Haddon WanderersDamian Stone6
Darley Dogs of War XIMatt Allsop7
You're my Wife Now DaveLee Webb8
It's All About the LiesJodie McLarkey9
King Kenny's MenMatt Wildgoose10
Matt AllsopTom Oldfield11
Matt's MarraudersMatt Allsop12
Fellatio Nelson AhoyRob Jackson13
Heart LakeJoe Oldfield14
Didi Hamman's Blue & White ArmyPaul Jordan15
Give Us a ChanceAndrew Schofield16
You'll Never Win Anything with KidsAndrew Schofield17
Moffo HotspursDave Moffat18
Liverpool ReservesMatt Wildgoose19
Kolt WanderersJim Turner20

Preliminary Round Results (teams in red go through)
1,It's All About the Lies1v.2You're My Wife Now Dave
2,Haddon Wanderers1v.0Matt Allsop
3,Wormhill Wizzards1v.1Kolt Wanderers
4,Liverpool Reserves2v.1Didi Hamman's Blue & White Army
The remaining twelve teams receive a bye and move directly into Round 1.

First Round Results (teams in red go through)
1,Moffo Hotspurs4v.2Haddon Wanderers
2,Wormhill Wizzards5v.1Liverpool Reserves
3,Heart Lake0v.0Dogma Utd
4,You're My Wife Now Dave2v.8Matt's Marauders
5,Give Us a Chance4v.2King Kenny's Men
6,Darley Dogs of War XI0v.4Pennine County
7,You'll Never Win Anything with Kids1v.0Fellatio Nelson Ahoy
8,Moffo Allstars3v.1Kidney Pond

1/4 Final Results (teams in red go through)
1,Give Us a Chance0v.1Wormhill Wizzards
2,You'll Never Win Anything With Kids2v.1Matt's Marauders
3,Penine County2v.1Moffo Hotspurs
4,Moffo Allstars1v.3Heart Lake

Semi-Final Results (teams in red go through)
1,Heart Lake0v2Wormhill Wizzards
2,You'll Never Win Anything With Kids2v2Pennine County
55A.E.T. (replay in GmWk38)
24In replay

1,Wormhill Wizzards3v3Pennine County
42Winners in Extra Time!!