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Current Injuries Details on Transfering Players Into & Out of your Team

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Please note: for the purposes of this competition, players who transfer between Premier League teams will remain listed with the team they started the season with.

The transfer window is now open!!

The transfer window opened on Tuesday 21st February and will run until 5pm on Monday 12th March 2012.  See below for more information.  There is a new players list on the website which contains a few players new players - these are highlighted in red on the list.

The rules of the competition set out the permitted transfers you can make in Rules 10 & 11.  

Outside the Transfer Window

Once the actual transfer window closes on 1st September you will be able to make up to two transfers for your team.

These transfers will cost 50p per transfer and can be carried out at any time between 1st September 2011 and 30th April 2012.  

Your team must comply with all of the other rules of the competition once the transfer has been carried out, in particular the rules relating to the teams players play for and your total team budget.  

You may make changes to your GK, Defence, Manager or any of your Attacking Players.

The transfers will come into force at the start of the GameWeek following the one in which they are made.  The transfer fee (50p) must be received by the league administrator for the transfer to be valid and for it to come into force.

Within the Transfer Window

In addition to the two transfers permitted above, you may make three transfers within the transfer window.  These three transfers carried out within the transfer window will not incur a transfer fee.  

The transfer window will run from around the end of January 2012 to the End of February 2012.  The exact dates will be posted here nearer the time.

A revised players list will be posted on this website when the mid-season transfer window closes at the end of January.  Once this is posted, you may transfer in any player off this new list.  

With the exception of the transfer fee, transfers made within the transfer window must be carried out in accordance with the conditions set out above.

Please Note:  The GameWeek stated below is the week in which the transfer was made - the transfer will come into force at the end of that GameWeek ie. the following Tuesday.

Transfers Carried out so far:-
Date GmWk Team Manager Player Out Val Player In Val New Team Value
17th Sep7Wormhill WizzardsE. BagshaweGyan5.20Klasnic4.7056.90m
28th Sep9You're My Wife Now, DaveL. WebbOdemwingie5.30Toure4.0056.20m
28th Sep9You're My Wife Now, DaveL. WebbGyan5.20Suarez5.9056.90m
15th Oct11Wormhill WizzardsE. BagshaweFuller4.50Ba5.1057.50m
24th Oct12Didi Hammans Blue & White ArmyP. JordanGyan5.20Ba5.1057.35m
24th Oct12Moffo AllstarsD. MoffatGyan5.20Johnson4.9069.90m
24th Oct12Moffo HotspursD. MoffatGyan5.20Johnson4.9056.00m
24th Oct12Moffo HotspursD. MoffatBolton Def9.25New Def9.0055.75m
24th Oct12Haddon WanderersD. StoneCarroll6.20Suarez5.9056.70m
24th Oct12Pennine CountyD. StoneGyan5.20Silva4.9056.90m
7th Nov14King Kenny's MenM. WildgooseTorres6.30Dzeko5.6056.50m
7th Nov14King Kenny's MenM. WildgooseMcCarthey5.50Pardew6.5057.50m
27th Feb30Darley Dogs of War XIM. Allsop