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Rules of the Competition for Euro 2016
(its not a complicated as it looks!!)

Click HERE to download a copy of the entry form
Entering Your Team(s)

, All teams must have an original name. If you pick a name which has been chosen by another manager, a number will be added to the end of your team name eg. If you name your team 'Goin Down' and it has already been used, your team will be changed to 'Goin Down II'. Obscene team names may be censored.

2, All entry forms AND monies due must be received by the league administrator by no later than 3pm on Friday 10th June 2016.  You will be informed if your entry is invalid for any reason and you must make any necessary amendments by this date, so if you leave it until the last minute you risk missing the deadline should there be a problem with your team.

3, All entries cost 5 each and there is no limit to the number of teams each manager can enter.  Your team will not be considered valid until your entry money has been received!

Picking a Team

4, You must pick a goalkeeper and four defenders.  You must then pick six attacking players including at least two midfielders and at least two strikers to form your attack.

5, You must select one of your players as your team captain.  Your captain will score double points throughout the competition.

6, You have a budget of 48million (see also Rule no. 12) with which you must buy your goalkeeper, your four defenders and your six attacking players.

7, You may select only one player from each nationality competing in Euro 2016 in your initial team, with the exception of the 'home nations' (ie. England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and we'll even include Republic of Ireland) from which you may select two players.

8, You must pick your team using the lists on this website/entry form.  You may change your team as much as you like up until the deadline (3pm on Fri 11th June).  Absolutely no amendments will be allowed after this deadline other than under Rules 9-12 below.


9, You may make upto three transfers at any point after Thursday 23rd June until the final on Sunday 10th July.  You can change any three of your players.  Your selections transferred in must not cause your team to break any of the above relating to the make up of your team with the exception of  breaches allowed by Rules 11 and 12 below.

10, If you transfer your captain out of your team, the player you replace him with will automatically become your team captain.  

11, From the 23rd June, when the transfer window opens, you may select an addiitonal player from each nation, so your team may contain a maximum of two players from any one nation and three from any of the 'home nations' listed above.

12, From the 23rd June, when the transfer window opens, your total team budget will increase to 53million, so you will have an extra 5million to spend on your transfers.

Competition Format

13, Each player in your team will score points in each game they take part in between Friday 10th June and Sunday 10th July.  Points available are detailed in the table below.

14, Own goals DO count against your goalkeeper and defenders but DO NOT count as goals scored - ie. no points will be awarded to a player for scoring an own goal.

15, Your team score will be the total of all points scored by your individual players.

16Results, Statistics and Man of the Match awards will be taken from Sky Sport's website.  Any later change to the result/scorer will be ignored.

17, Any queries relating to points/results should be directed to the league administrator directly and any decision will be final.

Winners / Prizes

18, All prizes will be in the form of financial reward and will be dependant upon the number of entries.  It is envisaged that prizes will be awarded to the top three teams in the table after the Euro 2016 final on Sunday 10th July 2016.  The prize structure will be confirmed once the competition starts.


19, You must enter on your team entry form a prediction for the total number of goals scored throughout Euro 2016 and the total number of yellow cards awarded throughout Euro 2016.  

20, In the event that two teams are tied on points at the end of the competition, the table position will be determined by the manager who's goal prediction was closest to the total number of goals scored throughout the whole of Euro 2016.  If this does not determine the position, the number of yellow cards prediction will be used.  If the teams are still tied, the position will be shared and any prize money due will be shared equally between those managers who are tied for the position.


21, Communication during the competition between the league administrator and team managers will be conducted by e-mail.  Managers who fail to provide an e-mail address will not receive league updates.  All the latest available information will be displayed at

22, Entry fees can be paid in cash, cheque or online transfer (although transfer is easiest and is the prefered method) and must be received by the entry deadline.  Any team who's managers entry fee cheque does not clear after the deadline will be ejected from the league at the administrator's discretion

23, All entry forms and monies should be e-mailed to me or delivered by post or by hand to Oldfield Design's Office at Holme Bank Studio, Holme Lane, Bakewell.  Cheques should be made payable to Andrew Schofield. Online payment may be possible,  please contact me for details.

If you have any further queries on any part of the competition please do not hesitate to contact me.

Points Available

All PlayersDefenders
Picked in Starting 11+5Clean Sheet+4
Substituted On+2Concede 1 Goal+1
Man of the Match+3Score Goal+10
Named Team Captain+2Hat-Trick+15
Own Goal-3
Yellow Card-1Midfielders
Red Card-5Score Goal+8
Clean Sheet+8Strikers
Concede 1 Goal+2Score Goal+6
Concede More Than 1 Goal-2pts per goalHat-Trick+10